panta rei

panta rei

Everything flows, starting at any point in the painting and
rotating you will meet many figures that follow each other uninterruptedly, not
you will be able to see them all and when you return to the starting point, nothing
it will be as before. Private collection


Like water that digs the rock creating unexpected shapes, these works are born from an instinctive gesture that materializes new figures, evokes worlds lost in the mists of time. Wandering around the work, the viewer will discover family figures, imaginary monsters and a lot of life. Oil on board prepared with primer and river sand. Year 2019 size 90X100 Private collection

the upside-down sleeper that few will see and the tree of life that no one will see

Already in the title the provocation is evident, understood as provoking a positive attitude in the viewer, the viewer's desire to seek form in what is apparently informal, leads him to look at the work with his own eyes and will discover things that are his and not mine. No matter how much you study, you will never understand contemporary art if you don't put your own into it. Faced with contemporary works, the gaze of the child without preconceptions who is surely still alive in you will help you and make you enjoy emotions that you had forgotten. Good vision. Tempera and oil on board prepared with primer and river sand size 50X110 year 2020. For sale euro 500

black heart

Private collection.

ekpyrosis and palingenesi

For the Stoics the world is cyclically destroyed by a
great fire (ekpirosi) and then reborn (palingenesis) in an interminable cycle. In this work the
burned part contains figures of various types and in its entirety forms a
human being who spreads his arms and is about to take flight. The green part
which represents rebirth, in turn contains hidden figures. Visible the
whale losing its pieces, metaphor of death in the vision dear to Seneca,
as one dies every day living, death is not the last act but it already is
present in every day lived. In the painting there are hidden figures such as the
"Contrary bastian" which is painted upside down. Euro 500


From the tragedy of EURIPIDE my representation of Medea. For sale euro 500


Oil on canvas, measure 80X100 anno 2010. Euro 500